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Register New Product Models

You have to Create a Test Report First.

From the top menu click on Products Models to access Registered Models Page as shown below

Manage Products Models Listing Page

In this page user can see all his registered products Models and it’s Status also the Star Rating for Bahrain and Oman labels as shown below

To Register a New Product Model Click on " Register New Model " Button in the Manage products Models Listing page as shown below

You will move to Register New Model form as shown below


First you have to Select the Product type:

  • The Product is G-Mark Certified AC.

  • The Product is AC Outside G-Mark Scope.

  • After entering the Product Tracking Number and click on Validate button the Product Information will fill automatically.

  • If the The Product is AC Outside G-Mark Scope you have to Select you product from the GCTS Product List and the Product information will fill automatically.

After Filling the remain mandatory Data Please click on the "Register Model" button to move to the Product Registration Details Page.

Product Details Page


  1. Product basic details with links for displaying Product Verification page in GCTS and for downloading the Test Report.

  2. Product Specification Section.

  3. EER Label's section to Select the Label that you need to register (Oman - Bahrain).

  4. Activation Section to show you Activations labels and its Expiry Date and Status.

  5. Attachment Section to upload all Attachments related to Product and Notified Body.
    In Upload Attachments form you can Select the Label Country (All - Oman - Bahrain)

    Any uploaded attachments with Label Country “All” will be Available for both Countries and will be Available in Public Product Details Page for Bahrain and Oman.

  6. Product Images Section To upload your products Images or you can the Product Images from GCTS by Clicking on “Copy GCTS Images” button.
    In Upload Images form user can select the Label Organization (All - Oman - Bahrain) as shown below

    Any uploaded Images with Label Organization “All” will be Available for both Countries and will be Available in Public Product Details Page for Bahrain and Oman.

    After Uploading/Copying Images user can Edit the Label Organization by Clicking on Edit Button as shown below

    Edit Form will Display as shown below

    After Updating the Label Organization Click “Update” to Save your Entries.

  7. Audit Details section to show the information for product creator and creation date.

  8. Timeline section to show the the product stage status.

  9. Actions Button to (Edit Product Details - Approve the Product by NB - Add Comment).