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Label Registration

Before Registering the Label please make sure to Upload the relevant EER Application form for the label that you need to register.

  1. For Oman Label you have to upload “AF-01 EER Application Form (Oman)”

  2. For Bahrain Label you have to upload “AF-01 EER Application Form (Bahrain)”

  3. If User Select All option then the uploaded files will be Available for Both Oman & Bahrain.

From Product Details page in EER Labels section you will see two Registration buttons one for “Bahrain” and another one for “Omani” as shown below

Select your label by pressing on Label name after that your selected label will show in EER Labels Section as shown below

Now you have to create an Invoice for Registered label and this action can done from Labels Listing Page as shown below

From the Label Listing Page you will see your registered label in Reviewed Status you have to Select your label and click on “Create Invoice


After clicking on Create Invoice button you will move to Invoice Details Page as shown below

You will see your Invoice Details and Invoice Amount.

You have to select the payment method:

  • Online Payment.

  • Direct Transfer.

For Online Payment you will get automatically approve from GSO and the invoice Status will change into Paid.

For Direct Transfer you have to attach payment proof and the invoice status will change into Pending until you get the GSO Approval.

After Paying your Invoice the Invoice status will change to " Paid " as shown below

Now your Product label is in “Reviewed” status and waiting for GSO Approval.

After Approving from GSO your Product & Label Status will change to “Approved” as shown below


Also the Activation will be shown in Activations Section in Product Details Page as shown below